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Send Flowers to Velingrad

Online Florist in Velingrad

Online flowers shop helps you send flowers and gifts to an address of your choice in Velingrad. The standard flowers delivery fee to Velingrad is 10BGN and the express fee (same-day delivery fee) is 15BGN.

Placing an order in our online flowers shop takes no longer than 5 minutes. The inovative design and the order of the products in our catalogue helps you find quickly and easily the most suitable bouquet of flowers, floral arrangement, basket of flowers or gift basket according to the occasion.

In the checkout process, you can add an additional gift to your order - a teddy bear, balloons, chocolates and selected wines.

We support payments with credit / debit cards, PayPal and bank transfer. You will be notified by e-mail upon payment receipt.

Thanks to our online chat you have a permanent and direct contact with our support agents and can quickly receive answers to any questions you might have. They can also help you quickly alter your order data if needed. They will also send you e-mails on every status change of your order.

Online flowers delivery shop BGFlorist Velingrad guarantees always fresh and high quality flowers. All bouquets and floral arrangements are being delivered personally by local florists in the area of the recipient of your order. By using our florists as couriers, we can ensure that your order will be handed personally and in perfect condition.

Make someone's day special, surprising them with with flowers delivery to Velingrad.

Delivery Zones

    We deliver to the following localities in this province:

    Aleko Konstantinovo, Alendarova, Apriltsi, Banya, Boshulya, Bratanitsa, Bratsigovo, Bata, Byaga, Varvara, Velingrad, Velichkovo, Vetren dol, Vsemirtsi, Gelemenovo, Glavinitsa, Govedare, Gorna Birkova, Grashevo, Debrashtitsa, Dinkata, Dobrovnitsa, Dolna Dabeva, Dorkovo, Draginovo, Dragor, Zvanichevo, Zlokuchene, Ivailo, Isperihovo, Kalugerovo, Kandovi, Kapitan Dimitrievo, Karabunar, Kovachevo, Kozarsko, Kostandovo, Krali Marko, Krastava, Levski, Lozen, Lyahovo, Malo Konare, Menenkxovo, Miryantsi, Mokrishte, Oborishte, Ovchepoltsi, Ognyanovo, Pazardzhik, Pamidovo, Panagyurishte, Panagyurski kolonii, Patalenitsa, Pashovi, Peshtera, Pishtigovo, Poibrene, Popintsi, Radilovo, Rakitovo, Rosen, Rohleva, Saraya, Sbor, Sveta Petka, Semchinovo, Septemvri, Simeonovets, Sinitovo, Srebrinovo, Strelcha, Topoli dol, Hadzhievo, Tsvetino, Tsrancha, Chernogorovo, Cholakova, Shtarkovo, Yunatsite, Yundola,

    What our customers say

    • 5

      Страхотно обслужване! Поръчката бе доставена навреме и аранжировката уникална. Благодаря ви ще продължавам да пазарувам от вас. Лесен достъп и богат избор на достъпни цени !

      Таня П., 29.10.2020.
      Send Flowers to Velingrad

    • 5

      Благодаря за прекрасните цветя, и коректна доставка.

      Мариана Г., 23.11.2019.
      Send Flowers to Velingrad

    • 4.5

      Много съм доволна от услугите на BGFlorist! За първи път поръчвам на техния уебсайт и всичко беше лесно и бързо. Експресната доставка не струва много а и беше изпълнена в рамките на 3-4 часа. Радвам се че предлагат много варианти за заплащане което прави онлайн поръчката достъпна за всеки. Сърдечно препоръчвам услугите на BGFlorist.

      Атанаска К., 14.05.2017.
      Send Flowers to Velingrad